The law firm of Markuson Law Group, LLC provides services to ultra high net worth clients seeking counsel regarding advanced life insurance planning and advanced tax planning. The firm also provides consultation services to financial management firms and insurance companies that desire to develop an advanced life insurance program or integrate such a program into their financial management services.

In addition, Markuson Law Group consults with professional advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, stockbrokers, insurance professionals, money managers and financial planners who have affluent clients who would benefit from the unique income tax planning that can be achieved through the use of private placement life insurance and other life insurance techniques.  If, and to the extent, needed by those professional advisors with whom we consult, the attorneys at Markuson Law Group also coordinate any or all of the planning and implementation necessary to carry out such strategies that become part of the client’s overall estate and financial plan .

Having begun as estate planners and international tax lawyers, the lawyers of Markuson Law Group had, over the years before developing our unique expertise with private placement life insurance, established ourselves at the pinnacle of our respective fields.  Through working with private placement life insurance and other sophisticated life insurance products in the context of such practices, we became familiar with the practical, essential and esoteric attributes of such products in the context of the needs of the ultimate consumer.  Not content to simply craft cutting edge tax and estate plans, we considered it critical to understand and work with the fundamental aspects of these programs to provide our clients with the best financial end product.

In the years since we made private placement life insurance one of the focuses of our practice, the lawyers of Markuson Law Group have taken that knowledge and experience to new levels.  We bring to the clients of our consulting practice (both the professional advisor with his or her own end-user client and the investment or insurance institution developing advanced life insurance-based programs) multi-disciplinary, practical and technical knowledge that is unusual in one whose background is solely in law, investment companies, or actuarial sciences.  It is that broad yet specialized knowledge, tempered by an understanding of the needs of the ultimate consumer, that has given Markuson Law Group the first rate reputation it enjoys today in the industry.

A sampling of Markuson Law Group's clients and allied professionals include:

Major wire houses and brokerage firms establishing “turn-key” private placement life insurance programs in which they wrap their established investment management programs and hedge funds.  Among Markuson Law Group's services found to be particularly valuable in these cases are our insight into the manifold and complex elements of insurance pricing and the ability, therefore, to negotiate favorable pricing, our educational programs provided to the institution’s elite relationship managers, and our assistance in marketing and closing transactions.

Big Four and regional accounting firms and large, mid-size and small law firms with particular clients with defined needs unmet by other strategies and solutions, for one reason or another.  While we have provided the necessary expertise to introduce this concept to our clients, to assist in crafting a global plan, and to make the necessary introductions to insurance carriers and analyze the costs, all of which have been fully appreciated by our clients, the professionals consulting with us, they all seem to like our educational and brain-storming seminars best, where roomfuls of tax and financial professionals–in person, on video conference or telephone conference–throw vexing problems at us and grill us as together we solve the world’s–or at least their clients’–problems.

Citigroup, with a substantial trust operation run out of South Dakota, appreciated our suggestion that a reduced premium tax in South Dakota would be a boost for their trust business as their high net worth family groups stepped into private placement life insurance-based investment programs.  They appreciated it so much that, at their request, and mainly through our efforts, South Dakota now has a premium tax regime that is effectively de minimis for large life insurance policies with implications far outreaching even this particular bank.

We at Markuson Law Group welcome the opportunity to make private placement life insurance work for you as we have done for others.


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