Markuson Law Group, LLC is a boutique law and consulting firm that concentrates its practice in two areas: private placement life insurance planning and advanced income and estate tax planning.

Private Placement Life Insurance Planning

Traditional Private Placement Life Insurance Planning

Markuson Law Group counsels clients on the benefits of private placement life insurance as the ideal solution for the high net worth clientís insurance, investment and tax planning needs.  In all private placement life insurance planning, many important legal and practical issues must be addressed for a plan to be implemented in the most effective manner.  As a result, the firm consistently addresses issues ranging from structuring and pricing to carrier selection, jurisdictional choices, and regulatory compliance. 

Integration of Private Placement Life Insurance into Estate and Tax Planning Techniques

Private placement life insurance can provide powerful planning benefits not only for traditional insurance and investment needs, but also in many other planning contexts.  Markuson Law Group counsels clients on the integration of private placement life insurance planning into other tried and true estate and tax planning techniques.  Such integration provides solutions for a multitude of tax problems that businesses or high net worth clients might encounter.  For example, Markuson Law Group has counseled clients on how private placement life insurance might be used to complement and improve planning techniques in the following areas:

  • Traditional or advanced estate planning

  • International planning (such as pre-immigration or deferred compensation)

  • Split-Dollar Planning

  • Employee benefit or retirement planning

  • Tax neutral holding vehicles for businesses

Institutional Services for Private Placement Life Insurance Programs

Markuson Law Group is among the industry leaders in educating, training, and assisting various types of asset management institutions in the implementation of private placement life insurance programs.  In the past, the firm has been brought in to perform this function by both the carriers and the institutions using their products.  Since Markuson Law Group is focused primarily on the private placement life insurance market, the firm remains committed to the success of the programs it helps to establish.

The following list includes some of the key services and advantages that Markuson Law Group can provide in developing a private placement life insurance program for a financial institution or insurance company:  

Experience Legislative and Product Design
Regulatory Insight Procedure Development
Business Planning Technical Assistance
Marketing Advice Software Development
International Opportunities Training

Across all branches of the asset management industry, the firm is committed to developing a successful program that is best suited for the parties involved.

Advanced Income and Estate Tax Planning

Due to its unique position in the marketplace, Markuson Law Group has worked closely with some of the nationís largest and most reputable financial institutions, law firms, and accounting firms in structuring transactions for income and estate tax efficiency.  The firm has counseled clients on solutions for tax problems in the following situations:

  • Clients with large concentrated positions in low basis stock

  • Clients looking to withdraw large amounts from a domestic or international deferred compensation plan

  • Clients seeking new ways to make large inter-generational transfers of assets with little or no gift tax or generation skipping transfer tax

  • Clients who are looking to defer current taxes on ordinary income from a closely held business


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